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  • Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 09:32:46 -0700

(This is my third attempt to post this.  I hope it works this time!)

Okay, 11.7-million (10.52%) of US TV Households do not subscribe to some
sort of MVPD.

I can't speak for other DMAs, but in the Portland, OR DMA 60% of the
cable homes are directly fed by either fiber or microwave from my
station.  That leaves 40% of cable viewers who are getting their local
stations from an off-air pickup.  I would suspect that this figure is
not too far off from a 'national average'.  That would mean that
something like 28.4-million cable households receive their local
stations via cable from an off-air signal.

The last figure I've seen has 60% of DBS subscribers signing up for
Local-into-Local, where available.  That leaves 9.1-million DBS homes
relying on antennas for the local stations.

SMATV systems, by definition, rely on off-air reception to feed their
systems.  That adds another 1.1-million off-air TVHHs.

C-Band satellite does not carry local stations.  That adds another
388-thousand off-air households.

MMDS systems rarely provide local stations as an 'in-band' service
relying mostly on an accompanying off-air antenna for local stations.
That adds another 194-thousand off-air households.

So, we have a rough total of 39.2-million households of the total TV
universe of 108.7-million households who rely on off-air reception or
36.1% of all TV households.

There are roughly 350-million TVs in service in the universe of
108.7-million TV households.  That averages out to 3.2 TV sets per TV
household. =20

In MVPD households not all sets are always connected to the MVPD source
(hopefully the current FCC effort will fully determine the exact number)
and estimates range from 30-40% of TV sets are not connected to an MVPD.
That could be as many as 124-million, or as few as 93-million MVPD
household TVs that rely on an antenna for reception.

Of course, in non-MVPD households all of the TVs rely on an antenna, so
all of those 37.4-million sets rely on off-air reception.

This means that some where between 130-million (37%) and 161-million
(46%) of all TVs in use rely on off-air reception to receive their local

Not at all an insignificant figure. =20

And don't forget that according to the US Census there are more
households with TVs in use than either telephones or in-door toilets.

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