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  • From: "Steve Hedger" <kdarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 16:23:11 +0000

Ensign Kieran Darkwater
Angel One
Following on from Crash, Bang, Boom

Watching the Doctor leading the injured man from the room, Kieran couldn't 
help but feel as though something were being staged for their benefit here. 
According the files the women of Angel One saw their male counterparts as 
less than themselves, both physically and mentally, but they still placed a 
certain value in their health and wellbeing usually, much as children or 

Indeed, life-matings were commonplace, with the male taking a household 
servant role to the female's matriarchal figure, so it seemed strange that 
they should all so pointedly ignore the man as he fell.

Figuring he was unlikely to get anything intelligible from any of the women 
present, who's stares had already made it clear what they thought of his 
presence even if their lips had yet to say the word, Kieran drifted across 
towards the serving table where the men were repeatedly returning to fill 
glasses and pick up trays to carry off.

"Good afternoon." he said quietly, his eyes on the table, gauging the 
reaction. Most of the women seemed content to allow him to move away and 
speak, even seemed glad of the distance as though he were returning to where 
he belonged, but Katriua's eyes flashed with anger, and he could see her 
seeking reasons to intervene.

"Excuse me, uh...Sir?" said the nearest servant, to whom he had spoken, his 
eyes darting to their host. "I really should get on, or I shall get in 

"We wouldn't want that, would we?" Gevran said with a slight smile, "you'd 
better get on."


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