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Lt. Zena Quetan
Angel One
Following on from "Food fight?!"


Xristha spoke up before Zena could answer, "I believe it is important that
he stay."

Zena turned to the doctor, "On what do you base your suggestion?"

The doctor continued, "I felt some strange thoughts from Katriua." She tried
to elaborate, "I believe she is hiding something and is very perturbed by
our presense."

<end snip>

Zena took in the doctors words "Maybe Kieran's presence would trigger off 
something more from Katriua, or any of the others there, it could be an 
opportunity for us to gain some information...and there was no mention of 
Kieran not being invited, I think it best we stay together for now and all go, 
if there are any problems we can always leave early"  


After Miliran's toast the women began to talk amongst themselves, the two 
servants rushed around the table seeing to their every need and request, Zena 
gave a look to Kieran who was isolated at the end of the table, their eyes met 
and she gave him a quick smile which was interrupted by Miliran "I hope you 
like your accommodation, I'll bet it's different to your Starship?" 

"It's lovely, thank you" Zena replied before taking a sip of her drink

Miliran gave a nod "As I told your seniors, we on Angel One will be happy to 
assist you with your search for the missing ship, relations between ourselves 
and the federation are important to us"

Zena was a little surprised at Miliran being so forward about the situation, 
and her tone told Zena she didn't mean what she had said entirely, it was more 
like being pleasant to keep the peace "Er thank you, any help will be much 

"Our technology is basic compared to yours but we are able to record some data 
regarding what travels past our planet. Katriua can take you to see these logs 
tomorrow" Miliran said giving a quick look to Katriua

Before anymore could be said Miliran was approached by a young blonde woman who 
whispered something into her ear. Miliran gave a frown of concern, the young 
blonde woman rushed off and Miliran stood up "If you'll excuse me a small 
matter has come up that I must tend to...enjoy the rest of the evening" With 
that she left.

Zena turned to Xristha  "Picking up anything from anyone?" she said quietly

"No, I can't seem to channel in on anything, I believe I'm up against a 
dampening field of some sort"  Xristha replied as she picked at the food in 
front of her

"Nice...their technology is basic but they have dampening fields to block 
psychics" Zena shook her head as if to say "just typical"

"Do you think anything will come up on those logs?" Xristha asked

"I doubt it, it wouldnt surprise me if they were involved and the logs had been 
tampered with... but you never know" Zena replied

A  HUGE crash suddenly came from behind the two creating silence. One of the 
servants had tripped and taken the plates and trays he was carrying down with 
him, he had fell hard. Concerned, Xristha got up to see to him

She touched his wrist slightly in several places "Just a guess but I'd say 
you've fractured it. If you come with me I can repair the damage" she said to 
the man as he sat wincing in pain

The women around the table didn't seem to be bothered that he was injured and 
after giving a quick look to see what all the fuss was about they returned to 
their conversations and the silence was broken. Xristha helped the man up "I'll 
see you later" she said to Zena and the others as she headed back to the rooms

[Back at the rooms]

Xristha made the finishing touches to his wrist "It'll be a little sore for a 
few days but the bone is healed"

"Thank you" the man replied rubbing his wrist lightly " I am Renir... I 
couldn't help but over hear the conversation with your friend back there..."

Xristha put down her equipment and turned to face Renir "Oh really?" she asked 
as she took a seat to wait for his reply

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