[USS Vanguard] To Play Dead

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  • Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 19:05:02 -0000

Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Bridge.
Time: After "Rocking" (Peter-Jan).

The Captains had asked for ideas, yet the bridge was silent. but then Highwaij 
spoke up and offered two solutions to the current predicament.

[Snip from "Rocking" (Peter-Jan)]
"Two thing can happen one: the automated defenses find the Ferengi and blast
them away, perhaps the transporter room can get a fix on them when their cloak 
is gone and         transport those Ferengie's to the brig, before their ship 
is destroid. the second use the Vanguard and jump back in time a few minuts"

Highwaij said  as the ship got hit again
[End Snip]

Now Mandrake didn't really have any idea about the A170 Snapdragon turrets that 
made up the planets defence grid or how they worked, but an idea, even a stupid 
idea, was still an idea and who knew (he sure didn't), it could be a good one.

He span around on his chair to face the Captain.

Cynan: "What if we powered down the ship? If we play dead maybe the turrets 
would leave us be and target the other two instead? They'd take the full force 
and we could simple glide down to the planet on our own momentum."

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