[USS Vanguard] Man I'm in trouble!

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>[Back at the rooms]
>Xristha made the finishing touches to his wrist "It'll be a little sore for 
>a few days but the bone is healed"
>"Thank you" the man replied rubbing his wrist lightly " I am Renir... I 
>couldn't help but over hear the conversation with your friend back 
>Xristha put down her equipment and turned to face Renir "Oh really?" she 
>asked as she took a seat to wait for his reply
<end snip>

The blond hair from the sparsley clad Renir brushed across his temple, "It 
sounds as though you are important on this ship of yours?" It was more of a 
question than a comment.

Xristha smiled, attempting to use her abilities to read the servant's mind, 
"I wouldn't say I am that important."

He shook his head, "You are a doctor?"

She nodded, "I am the chief medical officer." She realized her error in the 
words. His mind became clear as though the dampening field had been lifted.

"And you can read minds." His smile erased as a baton knocked Xristha 

[banquet room]

The lights flashed briefly and in the instant, somehow Tails was on her feet 
standing behind Zena with a phaser drawn. Her cat-like prowess ready to 
protect the Away Team's leader.

Katriua herself was standing battle ready. Miliran returned to the room with 
a device in her hand, "It seems this device was planted. I am not sure what 
it is." She turned to the Federation Officers.

Darkwater had a tricorder out, "It is a acetocytoline disrupter. It floods 
the atmosphere with inhibitors."

The Angel One inhabitants were puzzled. Zena spoke, "it prevents psychic 

Miliran looked confused, "But we do not have these abilities?"

Zena shot up, "No, but Dr Droin does." She was followed by the Gamma Fleet 
Officers and Angel One Heads of State.

[Somewhere under the estate]

The room was dark as Xristha slowly opened her groggy eyes. Her mind was 
reeling from the pain inflicted by Renir. Unfortunately, for her, she read 
his mind before being incapacitated. She knew where the missing ship 
was...she learned its fate. She also knew she was a pawn.

Renir was at the other end of the room conversing with men. She could not 
hear what they were saying, and her mind was useless. The pain still caused 
her to flinch at attempts to use her powers. With her stirring, the men's 
attention turned.

"You are up." Renir walked to her. He handed her a cup, "Drink."

She did not take the tin cup.

"It will help your head." His bright blue eyes pierced through Xristha. She 
lifted her hands and wrapped them around the cold container.

"Why?" She whispered, aching with pain.

He smiled, "I am sorry." He looked her her, his smile vanishing, "I am truly 

"Your Federation morals don't understand what is happening here!" His fierce 
comment slapped Xristha emotionally. "We are slaves."

The word brought back visions of her homeworld and the attrocities Groppler 
Zorn inflicted on the peaceful space dwelling creatures. She understood 
slavery too well.

"Why me?" She took another sip of the sweet elixir.

He helped Xristha get to her feet, "The Federation ignored our cause on the 
Enterprise's first visit." He took the empty cup from her, "You will not 
ignore us on the Vanguard's visit." He turned his back to her.

She closed her eyes, a sense of vertigo began to run through her mind as she 
tried to use her powers. She reached for her temple as she lost her footing. 
In an instant Renir was there to catch her. She was lost in vertigo, 
"Dellan?" She opened her eyes to see the blond servant. She was lost.


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