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 > Lt. Highwaij
> Event CO's Office
> After:  Not still on my side

Highwaij had done many crazy things in his live, but the fight in the lounge
hadn't been approved bye the captain. Highwaij was called into his office
"Lt. Highwaij" Capt. Dominic Santos said looking angry "I can't have my
officers fighting
in a bar, if you want to fight you do it in one of our training centers or
on the holodeck"

"Yes sir" Highwaij said he knew that the Captain was right."Anything else"

"Yes, you don't get a way that easy, since you where the highest ranking
officer, I hold you
responsible" Santos said

"Sir" Highwaij said, it wasn't the first time he had been in trouble

"Since you've been more a rebel then a starfleet officer onboard my ship,
I'm sending you to
one of the Klingon worlds, perhaps they can teach you not to be a rebel.And
some security tactics" Santos said looking up from his PADD

"Yes sir" Highwaij new it wasn't good for him to go against the captains

"You will be leaving in a few hours, here are you travel plans learn fro
them." Santos said then he looked up "Normally i whould have send Tails but
she's bussy with something else, and from what I've seen from you're
fighting you can use it"

"Yes Captain" Highwaij said as he took the travelingplans and left the CO's
office, he quickly headded towards his room, pakked a few things and boarded
the shuttle that was allready waiting for him.

A few hours later Highwaij left the shuttle as he entered the training
centre where a room was held for him, together with the schedules for the
Highwaij took the schedules and saw that the first session was in one hour
allready, he quickly walked to his room threw his bags on the bed, and
walked to the first session. As he sat down he notised he was the only
non-Klingon here but he didn't matter. After a few hours of listening they
had some target practice in one of the training facilities, here they whould
learn it bye fighting against each other.

Later that day, it was allready night, Highwaij sad diwn in one of the bars
thinking about a lot of things, the trainings he had lost (most of them) and
the few he had wone.

Lt. Highwaij
Communications Officer
USS Vanguard

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