[USS Vanguard] Not Still on My Side

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  • Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 07:07:56 -0700 (PDT)

She'ra pulled out a red dress and threw it across the
bed  She pulled out a black dress and hurled it across
the bed as well.

She'ra: No! No! No! These are all wrong!

She pulled out a green dress as her brother walked in.
 He had a smile on his face.

She'ra: Don't start brother. I need a dress to wear

Je'ka walked over to her and took the green dress and
looked it up and down..

Je'ka: Wear this, it matches your eyes. Hurry, Jay's
She'ra: He's here? I forgot that he's always on time.

She'ra started pushing her brother out of the room
with him laughing..

She'ra: go, I need to get dressed!

As her brother's huge frame was fully out of the room
she closed the door and started dressing. She squirted
some Bajoran scented water on her neck then slipped
into her dress.  She pulled out two ancient chinese
pins that Cynan had given her and pinned her hair up
in the back.  She then looked herself over and walked
out to dinner with Jay.

-A half an hour later--

Jay helped She'ra with her chair then sat across from

Jay: You look great Shini.
She'ra: Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself.

They both laughed. Then She'ra noticed his eyes went

Jay:  What did he do to you She'ra?
She'ra: He doesn't trust me.
Jay: Why not?
She'ra: Do you know what Klingons do to their injured?
Jay:  Yes, they scorn them and sometimes even  kill
them. Why?

She'ra: He got hurt on the last away mission and he
when he came back, i saw him for a total seven

Jay:  Look, I hate what this guy has done to you but
maybe he thought that you would do the same to him as
the other klingons would do..

Anger surged through She'ra. She sprang out of her
seat and glared down at Jay.

She'ra: Don't you dare make excuses for him Jay! You
have no idea what hell that man has put me through. I
let down my guard for him and he repayed me.. I'm out
of here.

With that She'ra left with Jay calling after her.

Lt(jg) She'ra Khan


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