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Lt. Highwaij
Event She'ra's room
After:  Gone, from She'ra

> She'ra: =^=Khan to Highwaij=^=
> Highwaij:=^= go ahead=^=
> She'ra: =^= we need to talk=^=

=^= "Highwaij here ok, meet you in you're room in 15 minutes, Highwaij out"

Highwaij got up out of bed, he had gone to bed a few hours ago , but She'ra
sounded as she needed him
he jumped in the shower took a clean uniform and walked out of the door 15
minuts later he arrived infron of She'ra's room
he activated the buzzer

"Enter" She'ra said as Highwaij walked in he saw her moving around the room
with a blade into her hands
she trew one at him. He grapped it and stood infront of her as she started
to fight with him
'So, you want to talk" Highwaij said

"Yes, why didn't come Cyan come to me" She'ra said as she attacked

Highwaij countered her attack "Because he knows you're a Klingon, and he
loves you.
If I'm not mistaken the Klingon hate wounded / sick people"

She'ra looked angry at him, as her human site took over from her Klingon
she dropped the blade and set down. Highwaij sat down next to her
"Don't worry I got an idear, but for that you have to let you're Klingon
away, you're human side must do this"

"Explain" She'ra said looking surprised at Highwaij

"I happen to know that Cyan reserved a holoroom at the starbase for him,
I happen to know the owner. He told me that Cyan took a programm that has
mythology and rock climbing in it. He has to climb a mountain to reach an
temple, that according to accient earth history was once the temple of
what if you wait for him at the temple with some of his favorite food and

"How do you know that" She'ra said

"I listen, it's my job" Highwaij said as he stood up and grapped both of the
blades threwing one back at She'ra

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