[USS Vanguard] OoC: REQUIRED READING - Absent Players

  • From: "Andy W. Ho" <andywoho@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: USS-Vanguard <ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 11:07:37 -0700 (PDT)


I don't want to sound like a bad guy. Things come up. Heck, things come
up for me, as we've seen lately. I understand that. But I am concerned
about absenteeism for the game.

I don't mean players who have posted recently or who have made other
arrangements with me. If you have, you know who you are.

I'm most concerned about players that I haven't heard from, either in
private or through the list, for months. If you fall into this
category, you probably know who you are.

I'm making an attempt to refit the Web site and in doing so, rework
pages, such as the crew manifest, and to recruit new players. In order
to do so, I need to know where certain players stand.

Chris (Soman) is the first to remind me that each and every one playing
with us has a history with the game and has helped build the game and
bring us where we are. I'm not denying that. I have enjoyed the
interaction I've had with each and every one of you. I've enjoyed both
your posts and the chance to know you one-on-one through email and
instant messenger. I know that's been few and far between recently, and
it's my fault as much as anyone's.

If you are absent for long periods of time, or feel that you are going
to be otherwise engaged, that's fine. Just let me know. We'll hold a
place for you and your character will continue to be recognized on our
Web site.

For those players, I just want to know if you have any idea when you'll
have time again to play with us, and when that time comes, I'm going to
touch base with you and expect some reciprocation on your part.

For the players that tell me are here, are ready, are waiting to be
engaged in some activity--I'll help you, but you need to help yourself.
Start a thread. If someone doesn't pick up on it, I'll encourage either
Chris or Mel to pick up on it, as co-GM's on the game. If they don't
pick up on it, I'll pick up any threads myself. But please get engaged.

We have a large group of players, and try as I might to engage
everyone, that's not always possible. But I try. I know sometimes I
fail. It would make it easier on me, though, if I had a better idea
where everyone stood so that I downplay the role of characters whose
players aren't present.

As for those players who email the list or email in private to let me
know they're here and ready but don't post--please do. If you haven't
posted lately, please do. If you tell the list you're here, that's not
going to be enough. I'd like to see a post from each player who says
"I'm still here!" unless there's a compelling reason you can't.

I say, look at Mel and Jonathon, both of whom are busy, both of whom
have had issues with email. Jonathon continues to post (and do a pretty
darn good job), even when his email acts up, even if he has to post
through the kindness and involvement of others. Mel researched a new
email address that will behave better with the list software and
subscribed herself.

I could go on and on, but I'm not. There comes a time when words have
to be backed up by action. I pledge my involvement in this mission and
for every mission that I help create and steer, even though I'm ill and
still in the process of moving homes. All I'm asking for is a post each
week, and that if you can't fulfill that, an email telling me why you
can't. Please respond, either in email to me or--better yet!--posting
on this mission.

It's important to note that anyone still on the crew manifest who
hasn't responded by the end of the NEXT MISSION (not the current
mission) will be given notice that their character has been
discontinued from the Vanguard.

I'm sorry that I've had to write this email at all. I think there's
been some terrific playing on the Vanguard and the involvement that
I've seen has been fantastic and encouraging. To those players, I offer
my thanks and pledge even greater support. You won't be
disappointed--your involvement IS recognized. Those players know who
they are.

Everyone else: Please get involved. It's your game as much as it is
anyone's. Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you care
about the Vanguard as much as I do, as much as many of you say you do
(and have shown before), I hope you do take these words in the spirit
they were intended and take action. Do something today. It's as good a
jumping-on point as any.

Best wishes to your personal well-being,

Andy Ho
("Fleet Capt. Dominic Santos")

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