[USS Vanguard] Re: A new mission and strange orders

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Lt. Highwaij
Following  It's a Man's Man's Man's World
Location: USS Vanguard Briefing Chambers

> "The team chosen for this assignment will be the following: Cynan
> Mandrake, She'ra Khan, Highwaij, Jaav E'thexx, Kieran Darkwater and
> Desdemona Barrett-Brown."

Highwaij smiled as he heared his name, but didn't like it that they would be
striped of rank and insigna, and they would receive covert ops uniforms, and
clacking suits, he didn't like it. but then it where orders. Neither would
they get any weapons, it made him feel uncomfortable.

He got up after the briefing was concluded and headed to the ships library
where he sat down
"Computer get me all info. on the year 1990, especially the people and their
habits" he said

"There isn't many info, but I give you what I got" the computer replayed.

Highwaij looked at the info and stated to read it, then he took a list with
the awayteam members
Cyan, their helm officer, She'ra their Exobiolist, Jaav, their counselor,
Kieran their A&A officer, Desmona their Lounge manager and himself
the communications officer. The team mostly consisted of medical officers,
but perhaps it was a good thing they could see why it was
done that way, it would be a difficult mission, but perhaps this team could
do it, or were they chosen for another reason he had noticed the friction
between the Captain and Mrs. Merchant, only time would tell

After gathering enough info, Highwaij left the library and headed for their
gym, he was going to do some training, perhaps they would need it.
after finishing it he went back to the bridge and sat down behind his
station looking at the start thinking their should be careful or they might
even change history.

Highwaij got up and started looking for Kieran, he wanted to talk to him
about this mission knowing what he thought of it.

Lt Highwaij
Chief Communication Officer
USS Vanguard

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