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  • Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 15:55:59 -0000

thanks for the tip, but I don't think it's in that type of configuration

I've made a fix for now, which is not terribly elegant but It will do for my purposes:

reboot the nas
login via telnet
cut and paste from text file these commands:
ps | grep daapd | cut -c 0-6 | while read id; do echo "killing "$id; kill $id; done daapd -C /mnt/md1/.daapd-cache -n nas -p 3689 -s 60000 /mnt/md1/public/music -t 0 -d &
wait for maybe a minute for the initial scan to complete

then once the daapd starts working it keeps going, problem solved.

Obvoiusly I'd like to put this in to a startup script somewhere after the initial daapd stuff has run, but I'm not sure this is possilble on my firmware. I'm using the 2.3.3a that came with the box as I don't want to lose my network printer support. Otherwise I'd go with Tinky, with which I could use my own scripts in init.d

thanks for the help guys.


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On 30/10/2007, robin wilding <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey flip,

Thanks for your prompt reply

Yes it appears to get overwritten to default when the service is started and
stopped. Looking at the processes:

My initial experiments with this box also provided little joy at
trying to alter the config files.  What I found DID work was to save
the configuration to a local file, unpack it (it's just a tar archive)
edit the relevant file, and add the file back to the original archive,
before restoring the configuration.   This got me /etc/exports changed
at least when I first got the box, still on 2.3.3 firmware.  I've a
vague recollection that the file was different on 2.3.3a, though, but
I wasn't really looking that hard that time.

Also, there seem to be a lot of configuration options in
/system/codb/objects which is a filesystem in the flash, so you might
also try digging around in there, although I've not spotted anything
relevant to your query myself during the very quick look I just had.

Good Luck,


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