[nas-2000] Re: configuration

  • From: "robin wilding" <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 09:25:03 -0000

Hey flip,

Thanks for your prompt reply

Yes it appears to get overwritten to default when the service is started and stopped. Looking at the processes:

1832 root 5524 S /usr/hddapp/sbin/daapd -c /usr/hddapp/etc/daapd.conf 1833 root 5524 S /usr/hddapp/sbin/daapd -c /usr/hddapp/etc/daapd.conf

the service is started with /usr/hddapp/etc/daapd.conf as a config file so I thought I'll change the config there and restart the service through the web connfig, but when I so this and go back, my changes have been reset.

I tried stopping those particular process and kicking off my own (rather than restarting through the web interface) but the daapd service doesn't seem to work if I do that.

The web interface appears to run some programs in /usr/sausalito in order to start and stop the bonjour/itunes daapd business which are binary so I can't work out what they are doing but I'm guessing that they are creating that config file as part of the start script and so overwriting my edited version.

The issue I want to fix (i think) is that whenever the daapd rescans, it becomes unrespnsive and I lose the connection (I have a fair amount of mp3s for it to scan through). I can reconnect immediately. The contents of the music folder is not likely to change very often so I want to run the daapd service without rescanning at all.

Any help appreciated.


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Hey Robin,

robin wilding schrieb:

I have the Dual NAS HDD cheapo version of this box and am having
problems with the daapd config. Basically it crashes all the time and
I'm pretty sure If I can restart the daapd with alternate settings It
will work smoother. However whenever I try this it overwrites my changes
to the config files with defaults. I don't even mind redoing the work
every time it reboots, but I'd really like to be able to use the
advertised feature.

Does anyone have any idea how I might be able to do this?

the file changes after you edited it by hand even if you don't reboot
the box???


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