[nas-2000] Re: I'm a pirate

  • From: Aurelien <massman@xxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 21:43:08 +0200

Hope Tom will send some pictures of this new Nas drive !!!

philipp Wehrheim a écrit :
Hi everybody,

first of all Tom is the man of the day !!!!

Today Tom send me a email and was telling me that
his NAS (not raidsonic) has the same cpu and stuff
as the NAS-1000 / NAS-2000 but his NAS got
an USB-Port!!

There is an unsoldert one on our NAS which
I soldered some time ago but never managed to
make it run.

So I asked him for the link to the firmware

unpacked the Firmware and flashed the Kernel to my nas
and after loading  ohci-hcd.ko module
the usb-port works!!!

That also means that it is possible now to
attach a 2nd harddisk and make a raid-1

The only thing that needs to be changed that tinkys
/etc/rc.start only searches for /dev/{hda,hdb} but the hd
now shows up at /dev/hdd
and some nods needs to be created ...

stay tuned
I'll check the ftp -> lib stuff next :-)


Aurelien schrieb:
Dennis Suchomsky a écrit :
Don't think so at leat not consicously. I resetet the Box by pushing
the "default button" but the result is the same...
I don't understand what you mean. (I had the same problem, I plugged my
drive with USB on my computer, deleted the exisintg partition and
then reboot with network and NAS started correctly. (the default button
has not the same result)
Can I try to update the box with an older version or with the original
firmware? Is there any way to see the output when the system boots to
know what is going wrong?

Am 14.05.2007 um 16:46 schrieb Aurel:

Did you delete the exisiting partitions on disk?

Selon Dennis Suchomsky <dennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hello, after beeing happy that i finally found a alternative firmware
for my nas-1000 i spent almost the whole weekend to Backup all the
stuff and install the new system :)
I excactly folloewd the steps of point 5 of the readme file. It
worked almost like described but after I press 1 (for booting the
kernel code) the NAS keeps working for ever. I waited for almost 2
hours then I restarted the Nas and waited again but no Service is
runniing on the NAS. What shall I do now to get my Nas working again
the redboot program still works when I telnet the NAS with telnet 9000 directly after i pushed the power button.
Thanks and I hope you can help me.


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