[nas-2000] I'm a pirate

  • From: philipp Wehrheim <flipstar@xxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 21:36:52 +0200

Hi everybody,

first of all Tom is the man of the day !!!!

Today Tom send me a email and was telling me that
his NAS (not raidsonic) has the same cpu and stuff
as the NAS-1000 / NAS-2000 but his NAS got
an USB-Port!!

There is an unsoldert one on our NAS which
I soldered some time ago but never managed to
make it run.

So I asked him for the link to the firmware

unpacked the Firmware and flashed the Kernel to my nas
and after loading  ohci-hcd.ko module
the usb-port works!!!

That also means that it is possible now to
attach a 2nd harddisk and make a raid-1

The only thing that needs to be changed that tinkys
/etc/rc.start only searches for /dev/{hda,hdb} but the hd
now shows up at /dev/hdd
and some nods needs to be created ...

stay tuned
I'll check the ftp -> lib stuff next :-)


Aurelien schrieb:
> Dennis Suchomsky a écrit :
>> Don't think so at leat not consicously. I resetet the Box by pushing
>> the "default button" but the result is the same...
> I don't understand what you mean. (I had the same problem, I plugged my
> drive with USB on my computer, deleted the exisintg partition and
> then reboot with network and NAS started correctly. (the default button
> has not the same result)
>> Can I try to update the box with an older version or with the original
>> firmware? Is there any way to see the output when the system boots to
>> know what is going wrong?
>> bye
>> Dennis
>> Am 14.05.2007 um 16:46 schrieb Aurel:
>>> Did you delete the exisiting partitions on disk?
>>> Selon Dennis Suchomsky <dennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>>> Hello, after beeing happy that i finally found a alternative firmware
>>>> for my nas-1000 i spent almost the whole weekend to Backup all the
>>>> stuff and install the new system :)
>>>> I excactly folloewd the steps of point 5 of the readme file. It
>>>> worked almost like described but after I press 1 (for booting the
>>>> kernel code) the NAS keeps working for ever. I waited for almost 2
>>>> hours then I restarted the Nas and waited again but no Service is
>>>> runniing on the NAS. What shall I do now to get my Nas working again
>>>> the redboot program still works when I telnet the NAS with telnet
>>>> 9000 directly after i pushed the power button.
>>>> Thanks and I hope you can help me.
>>>> Sol
>>> -- 
>>> Aurel

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