[muglo] Re: hispeed

  • From: "Eric D" <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 15:51:10 -0400

>Yes Paul, most charge $30 to $35 a month. Modems cost from $75 to $100.
>No extra charges for more than one computer, you just need a router. I
>have a DSL modem for sale, an Ascend Pipeline $90 & a Linksys Etherfast
>Cable/DSL Router $25.

You can also get DSL modems + ethernet routers all-in-one for next to 
nothing. I picked up a four port router + DSL modem for £40 (~$95) last 
year. I imagine you can get the same modem in the more competitive computer 
stores in London and T.O. (not the Futureslops or Mostly Macs I suspect ;). 
The software interface is the same as a modem that I got with Toronto 
FreeNet last May for $175... I haven't bothered to figure out if the 
hardware is the same or if they simply bought the interface off the same 
supplier. This modem/router is also half the size of that modem.


PS What's the price for generic CDs bought at the cheap computer places (or 
even Futureslop)? The reason I'm asking is that around here I've seen 100 
CD-Rs for £13 (~$30) and I'm wondering if I should bring some back (if CDs 
are cheaper here it'll be b/c of the "music" gouge fee that music gougers 
(sorry, distributors) have managed to get put on blank CDs in Canada (kind 
of strange that the Brits wouldn't do that since they have figured out ways 
to put taxes, levees or some other surcharge on _everything_)... I 
guesstimate that I'm entitled to 2-3 CD copies/year AT THE VERY LEAST given 
the amount of my money that goes into their pockets (what was it, 
$0.20/CDR?) (I'm paying musicians for the privilege of backing up my own 
documents or creating data CDs???...).

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