[mso] Re: Formatting of emails in freelists and Outlook

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  • Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 16:55:56 -0400

Aha, Diane.....and no more "Blank" at the beginning of your mail

And I just went into my old Outlook 2000 on another machine....go into
your address book and double click on any name to get into the
properties....click on the "Name" tab at the top....you will see the
checkbox for plain text at the bottom of that page

Now....why doesn't Outlook 2002 even HAVE a Name tab?  LOL

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OK, I give up.  I know how to change the format from HTML to Plain Text
manually for an email, which I did for this one.  But I can't find where
set a format type for a particular addressee for all emails to that

If anyone can tell me exactly where that is found I'd be grateful.  This
for Outlook 2000.

Thanks (and thanks for the reminder about not sending HTML mail unless
KNOW the recipient wants it.  I should know better than that.



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