[modeleng] Re: Fw: airbus cockpit 380 360 view

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  • Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 21:28:46 -0000

I do not know about the pilots having to be ambidextrous Clif, but those 
joysticks are it - quite literally real "fly by wire" stuff!


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> Hi All,
> Great all round view.
> The question that come to my mind looking at all the electronics. What
> happens when a fuse blows?
> The next question is how do they fly it? There is not a control column as
> such, is control through the joy sticks?
> If so one is left hand and one is right hand. As people are not as good 
> with
> both hands so much for sensitivity or do they only employ pilots who are
> ambidextrous.
> Regards
> Clif


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