[lit-ideas] Re: [lit-id] Sex Slaves, NYT-attn Paul

  • From: "Mike Geary" <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 23:41:33 -0500

It related to your summary of the article.  The children are sold into sex 
slavery by parents....

I understood what you meant, Irene.  But just as Donal, being an enquiring 
mind, wants to know why if animals (might) enjoy sex with us humans and we 
enjoy sex with them [your comment here], then why should such acts be illegal 
or even frowned upon?  A brave question.  My question is braver.  If female 
children within any certain culture are considered an undesirable product, an 
economic burden for instance, and if we Westerners as a culture holds that 
economic well-being is prima facie a primary value, then wouldn't it be morally 
incumbent upon those who can afford it to buy those girls in an altruistic 
effort to promote their country's economic development with the aim of putting 
an end such crimes against human dignity?  And would it not be a sound economic 
investment on our part to purchase these girls at bargain basement prices just 
as they become most profitable?  The capital outlay is low, the maintenance 
costs are low, revenues could exceed 200 to 300 hundred times the costs.  
That's cash flow into our own economy.  Good for their country, good for ours.  
A win-win situation.  Support your local female traffickers and help put an end 
to female trafficking.  

Mike Geary

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