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Bob Herbert>It may sound peculiar, but there is no law  against
sex trafficking in
>the state of New York -

?! I thought the US (and Canada) were tougher than us on sex

The "traffic" here is in women from Eastern Europe.  We've had
against trafficking for some while but I think it's only recently
that the police have really cracked down.  It's difficult because
course the women are not only subject to the usual threats and
actual violence but also told they'll be in trouble with the
and thrown out of the country if they leave the brothel.

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> FYI --In today's NYT (Select): Many similar columns and
articles about
> Canadian sex slaves, centered on Toronto and Vancouver--and
wherever paying
> males are found. This "boyfriend" routine, combined with
> indentured servitude, is a typical scenario.In most instances
within Asia,
> young girls are sold into sex slavery outright, by their
> >ck
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