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Some scenes are difficult enough for adults. I wouldn't bring a 12 yr. old
to that movie.

Cheers, Walter

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On Mon, 28 Jun 2004 JulieReneB@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Since you've seen it perhaps you can answer a pragmatic question.  Jim an=
d I
> plan to see it some evening this week.  My 12 year old daughter wants
> desperately to accompany us.  The discussion of it w/ Peter Jennings (or =
someone) led
> me to believe that it includes a fair amount of explicit war violence fro=
> footage in Iraq.  My daughter has not exactly been sheltered (her father =
w/out my
> knowledge allowed her to watch Ghost Ship (I think I mentioned here once)
> which, when I found out what it was, horrified me).  But again I'm back t=
o the
> discussion of what the difference is between children watching what they =
know to
> be pretend violence in a fictional film and watching real violence (remem=
> the teachers who allowed the Nick Berg footage to be watched in their
> classrooms)....  How bad is the violence and how much is there?
> Julie Krueger
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> I saw Fahrenheit 9/11. I think =E2=80=9CBowling for Columbine=E2=80=9D wa=
s better. (I think
> Morgan Spurlock=E2=80=99s =E2=80=9CSupersize Me=E2=80=9D was better than =
both of them.)
> There are, however, plenty of sound bites cleverly edited to convince you=
> you weren=E2=80=99t convinced already that Dubya is indeed a moron and no=
t just
> someone who can be rendered inarticulate with a newscamera in his face. B=
> come on, has there been a softer target in the history of politics than B=
> And the problem with American foreign policy is surely not that there is =
> moron at the helm but that it follows the same pattern of exploitation,
> humiliation and oppression as it has for over one hundred years with Bush
> doing exactly what every other president has done.
> Fahrenheit 9/11 is a little scattershot: Moore is so full of anger he doe=
> develop a coherent case. Unlike Chomsky who marshalls facts into a series=
> objections that are at least consistent within a singular theme, Moore is
> kind
> of all over the map. He presents someone claiming there are more cops in
> Manhattan than troops in Afghanistan attempting to root out Osama bin Lad=
> but what=E2=80=99s the point? Should there have twice as many troops depl=
oyed? Ten
> times? He makes a lot of ominous connections between the Saudi royal fami=
> and the Bush family and leaves us with the =E2=80=9Cstunner=E2=80=9D that=
 Saudis own
> something
> like 7% of America but what=E2=80=99s the point? That Osama bin Laden (wh=
o is
> actually
> quite close to all the other bin Ladens) would destroy something that the=
> have a huge financial stake in? Are we supposed to think Osama is as stup=
> as
> Dubya?
> Still, Moore does some things pretty well. I think he makes a nice case t=
> the soldiers in the war are not very clear why they=E2=80=99re in Iraq an=
d he does a
> really nice job with a woman who went from being pro-war to anti-war afte=
> her
> son was killed. This proves the charge that he=E2=80=99s anti-soldier is =
> It=E2=80=99s appropriately funny in spots and horrifying in others but th=
is should
> have been a deeper dissection of the corporatist assumptions that govern =
> political culture in Washington not a driveby bash at a moron.
> David Savory
> Vancouver
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