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I saw Fahrenheit 9/11. I think ?Bowling for Columbine? was better. (I think 
Morgan Spurlock?s ?Supersize Me? was better than both of them.)

There are, however, plenty of sound bites cleverly edited to convince you if 
you weren?t convinced already that Dubya is indeed a moron and not just 
someone who can be rendered inarticulate with a newscamera in his face. But 
come on, has there been a softer target in the history of politics than Bush? 
And the problem with American foreign policy is surely not that there is a 
moron at the helm but that it follows the same pattern of exploitation, 
humiliation and oppression as it has for over one hundred years with Bush 
doing exactly what every other president has done. 

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a little scattershot: Moore is so full of anger he doesn?t 
develop a coherent case. Unlike Chomsky who marshalls facts into a series of 
objections that are at least consistent within a singular theme, Moore is kind 
of all over the map. He presents someone claiming there are more cops in 
Manhattan than troops in Afghanistan attempting to root out Osama bin Laden, 
but what?s the point? Should there have twice as many troops deployed? Ten 
times? He makes a lot of ominous connections between the Saudi royal family 
and the Bush family and leaves us with the ?stunner? that Saudis own something 
like 7% of America but what?s the point? That Osama bin Laden (who is actually 
quite close to all the other bin Ladens) would destroy something that they 
have a huge financial stake in? Are we supposed to think Osama is as stupid as 

Still, Moore does some things pretty well. I think he makes a nice case that 
the soldiers in the war are not very clear why they?re in Iraq and he does a 
really nice job with a woman who went from being pro-war to anti-war after her 
son was killed. This proves the charge that he?s anti-soldier is wrong.

It?s appropriately funny in spots and horrifying in others but this should 
have been a deeper dissection of the corporatist assumptions that govern the 
political culture in Washington not a driveby bash at a moron.

David Savory

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