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Andy - 

I feel compelled to add that any time someone starts ranting about what
I *have* to pay attention to or see or read, it almost instantly dilutes
their credibility because that level of insistence generally incubates

Wasn't there an ice age before industrialisation? (I dunno, I wasn't

I don't have a lawn mower or a car and I don't shop at Walmart.  I don't
even shop at the cheap grocery store in the UK that I think is owned by

I don't worry about cows farting.  Whether I eat them or not, they will
go on farting (unless I eat all of them and then what would the Indians
say?) and how much water it takes to turn them from poor little hindu
icons into cheeseburgers, well, again, I'm not certain that all
statistics can't be manipulated but hell, if I'm going to have to think
about whether a box is empty or has a black swan in it, I've really hit
the wall of disbelief, haven't I?

I didn't vote for Al Gore.  In fact, I didn't vote at all.  I didn't
fart, I didn't vote, I didn't drive a car, I didn't pollute the rivers
with industrial waste, I didn't own a weapons manufacturing plant, I
didn't profit from the wars of anyone now that I think about it.

I DID drink that glass of wine.  I DID smoke that joint.  I DID listen
to that Ornette Coleman.

I didn't invade Iraq.  I didn't make the world grow smaller.

I did smoke Drum.  I did try to learn poetry.  I did find my way in the

I didn't kill babies.  I didn't even make them, let alone kill them. 
Nor did I kill or make anyone else's babies.  I didn't build corporate
society, I didn't invent religion, I didn't tell people to kill other
people in the name of religions.

I did spend years of my life waiting for buses and trains.  And that's
about it, Andy.  Al Gore's film, being the Al Gore that he is, is just
that, a film.

Global warming?  Fuck, if I was worried about that, I'd stop global
dying first.

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 09:53:50 -0500, "Andy Amago" <aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> If I hadn't written "even though I know that small scale changes are
> meaningless" right in front of it, I might consider talking to Donal
> about
> induction.  The weather changes and variations will happen as they always
> have.  Last winter (according to my oil company) was 16% colder than
> average with some places experiencing 33% colder than average.  It occurs
> to me that the operative word is average.  I wrote down on the calendar
> when my pipe froze.  It was December 14 when it went to something like 8
> below zero.  But in January it was in the 50's, so overall the average
> was
> colder because of the minus 8 but the winter was pretty mild.  The summer
> was way hotter than average even in places like Minnesota.  In fact,
> extremes of temperature are one of the symptoms of GW.  There is
> absolutely
> no doubt that the earth is getting warmer.  We're now with global warming
> where we were in the 60's with cigarettes.  No scientist disputes it, but
> the oil companies deny it and even willfully promote more pollution, and
> it's the oil PR that people think is true.  No one would smoke if the
> cigarette companies even today didn't convince the most vulnerable that
> it's glam.  It occurs to me that oil company executives are like
> adolescents who take up smoking, as if the future will never get here, as
> if it's somebody else's planet/body they're destroying.
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> > > Even so, we're about 5 degrees above average today.
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> > Maybe you ought to talk to Donal about induction.
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> > Robert Paul
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