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Take your Invisible Cloak....
Julie Krueger

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>If you intuitions are correct they're correct in the way  that a broken
> clock is 'correct' twice a  day.

Except that my intuitions are usually  accompanied by stats and specifics. 
Well, twice a day must be a relative  term, since you've never disputed what
I've said, only that you don't like  the 'media' that I consult.  Be that as
it may, I'm not looking for your  approval.  BTW, a civil war is a societal
construct except when a former  ambassador to the country writes a book on
the subject and says that's an  accepted date by those who aren't looking at
the bright side.  I looked  in my crystal ball and saw it there and you took
issue with it ... I'm off to  check my crystal ball, see what's going on in
Iraq ...   

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