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It's more the ashes and detritous the stove gives off (and cats and dogs  
can't remove their shoes...).  I badly want one of those Plat (sp?) stoves  
burns compressed wood and is located outside, but blows the warm air  inside. 
 They are, however, pricey.
Julie Krueger

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We never wear shoes in the house.   Heating with wood brings in a lot of 
stuff.  Maybe a little  indoor cart to transport the wood might help contain 


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I'm starting to think everyone on this list but me is either a  speed-reader 
or shackled to their computer......The number of sites listed  amazes me.
When do you guys have time??  Do you not need sleep  occasionally?
Julie Krueger
stalling on mopping floors -- what good does it do when 10 minutes later  the 
cat or dog or myself track in mud?  My husband's Mother used to say  "It's 
hard to keep a house clean on a planet made of dirt."  Besides, I  have to haul 
wood in.  It's become suddenly  cold.

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