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> > We all knew what was going to happen in Iraq. We know what is 
> > happening there. And we know what will happen. But the White House, 
> > the NYT, the Washington Post, and all the people who admire them have 
> > been ideologically blinded.
> This is one of the most curious remarks I've ever read. It implies that
> the press initially gave the Bushies a pass on the run-up to the invasion
> has been 'ideologically blinded' ever since, to the extent that the NY
> the LA Times, and the Washington Post are even now supporting Bush and the
> 'war.' I don't think you regularly read any of these papers. 

So you're saying the loss of Afghanistan in 2003 was widely reported in the
media?  You're saying the media is not reporting that there is a *possible*
civil war in Iraq, when in fact people like Galbraith think the actual date
when the war started was August 29, 2003?  I watch, on occasion, CNN and I
have never heard them say there's a civil war, that we have to change
course and so on.

(I know Irene
> doesn't, but she has some way of intuiting what they say and don't say.)

Well, they're not saying it loud enough to make a difference.  The do
nothings are still doing nothing, Bush has only relatively recently dropped
in the polls (let's give the credit for that to an awakening media, better
late than never).  I get a lot of my news from interviews with people like
Sarah Chayes, former correspondent for NPR who is now living in
Afghanistan.  The NYT, bless their little typesetters, are only now, three
years after the fact, saying that the Taliban are resurging.  They're not
resurging, they're winning.  Never mind.  Eric thinks I know everything and
you think I intuit everything, even if I do it correctly.

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