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can we cut to the chase?
would 'donal' provide a text where in philosophical investigations the
funny man from Vienna states there is a say/show difference or what?

? נכון 
>>> Robert Paul <rpaul@xxxxxxxx> 11/04/2012 02:32 AM >>>
I wrote

> I thank Donal for setting all this out. I should say straight off
> I disagree with most of what he says about the Investigations,
> essentially because I don't believe there is a notion of, a contrast
> between, saying and showing of the sort he sees in it.

Donal wrote in reply

> Then _what_ sort? (If no sort, this should be said.)

He is, I think, misreading a straightforward English sentence, which
dipped in a principle of charity. It's surely clear that I disagree
with what he says about there being a say/show distinction in the 
Investigations, of the sort he has set forth earlier: whether there are

other sorts of saying and showing, clearly, and not amorphously,
in the Investigations, is another matter.

I have no obligation, morally or philosophically, to illuminate these 
others, should there be any, (although if we can get past the 
preliminaries before October I'd like to talk about what some might see

as instance of post-Tractatus saying and showing).

As for my needing to say _what_ sort of contrast between
there is in the Investigations, if it isn't, on my view, Donal's, this
seems a bit like saying that if I don't believe there a creature in
Ness, of the sort depicted in some publication of those who believe 
there is, I'm somehow obligated to say what kind of creature, or 
creatures there _are_ in it.

More simply. Donal and others claim there's a certain kind of say/show

distinction in the Investigations (and it's a big deal). I don't
there is _that_ kind of say/show distinction there. So far, the
other kinds (?) of say/show distinction there may be remains

Robert Paul
[as far as I got this evening]


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