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You are hammering me in such a way as to make me think you are in Simon's
state: unable to appreciate or understand the significance and nature of a
fallacy, and by implication, the significance and nature of Logic.  Perhaps
the practice of Logic is becoming a lost art in this modern world.  To be
free of the rules of logic seems to encourage many to make the most
outlandish and ridiculous statements and draw the most absurd conclusions.
The Sam Harris article quoted by Eric provides several cogent and alarming
of examples of the danger such faulty thinking can cause.







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LH> >>I was not able to determine that there were any moderates 

> in the Middle East because neither Omar nor I could find 

> hide nor hair of them.


EY> Let me repost an excerpt from this article to see if it can 

> advance the discussion.


Lawrence will be able to tell you which Fallacy you committed in

assuming this helps us determine whether there are any moderates

in the Middle East




Judy Evans, Cardiff


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