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> Hitchens on the question of US foreign policy's effects on 
> would-be jihadists.
> If you take the first view, then "safety" is really a 
> second-order issue. The main priority is to take the war to 
> the enemy and to deny things like "safe havens" to his 
> suicidal warriors. 

A.A. Except that we're creating safe havens for al Qaeda, in Iraq, in
Somalia and now in Afghanistan.  Where have you been?  

>Any risk involved is preferable to 
> continued passivity or inaction. 

A.A.  Yes, do something, do anything ...  Well, we did something, we did
anything, and here we are.  Do you like where that is, Eric?  Assuming you
know where that is, which I'm not so sure.  I think you think we're doing
great in the M.E.  Yeah, Eric, we're doing great.  We winning up a storm. 
Got al Qaeda on the run.  Peace and stability in Iraq.  Recruitment for
jihadists is way down.  No jihadistan from Pakistan to Iran, none, just
liberal democracies as far as the eye can see ...

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