[lit-ideas] Re: "Memorial to the Unknown Tree"

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  • Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 13:17:56 -0500

Mr. A.K. Butternut from the America (you only need a) Sliver Liberties
Union wrote:

"Daniel 13 verse five says that "Wickedness has come to Babylon through
elders..."  Our forests need to be stands of decency and tallness and
freedom.  Not filth."

Typical Bible-thumping discrimination!  Elder trees have been
discriminated against throughout history and for what reason?  Because
they aren't the tallest and most beautiful trees?  Without any evidence,
Shakespeare wrote that the elder tree was the tree on which Judas hung
himself.  Through association with wickedness and betrayal, this
innocent tree has suffered abuse and indignities that should make any
decent person weep.  What is the (so-called) scientific name for the
elder tree?  Sambucus nigra.  Nigra!  Can there be any doubt as to how
deep and far-reaching this discrimination extends?  Mr. Butternut, a
self-proclaimed defender of decency, tallness and freedom, is himself a
purveyor of filth as long as he continues to propagate this
discrimination against elder trees.

Of course this should not be seen as a defense of the Memorial, which is
really a piece of shit.  If the David Ritchie Foundation had wanted to
support the cause of all trees they would have planted an elder tree
instead putting up that eyesore.


Fred U. Krueger,
People for Elder Tree Advancement (PETA*)

*We have litigation pending against that group of publicity whores who
stole our name

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