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  • Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 09:44:31 -0700

I saw "Lost in Translation" when it came out. I liked it, because it's a bit of a random movie: no real plot or storyline. But many people hated it.

Last night, I watched a bunch of movies:

- Cowboy Bebop (#24). Japanese anime. Kinda fun.
- Jazz on a Summer's Day. Somewhat a documentary of the 1958 Newport jazz festival. Incredible photography, incl. great jazz performances.
- The Terminal (w. Tom Hanks). Very funny movie about modern life.

Previous night:
- Shoeshine. Italian movie from the early 50s. Extremely good. The lives of two street boys impacted by adults.
- Lady for a Day. Frank Capra movie from 1933. Very charming comedy with very funny twists in the story.

Netflix. Who says movies are dead?


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