[lit-ideas] Grice and the Four-Category Ontology

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Grice worked with different types of ontologies. Finally he settled for a  
"four-category ontology". And we think he did right.


WORKSHOP: Information Systems and the Four-Category  Ontology

20th-21st May 2013

Department of Philosophy,  Durham University

This two-day workshop will bring together  metaphysicians, applied 
ontologists and information systems theorists to discuss  the practical 
of a four-category ontology to the design of  information systems.

This workshop aims to put advocates of  four-category ontologies into 
direct dialogue with applied ontologists and  information systems designers, 
enabling each to update the other on developments  within their disciplines and 
to share concerns and problems for collective  discussion.

Specific foci of the workshop will be (i) the  presentation of practical 
problems in the design of information systems and (ii)  the discussion of 
contemporary developments in the four-category ontology whose  practical 
applications are not yet appreciated.
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