[lit-ideas] Re: Flotilla Qhoir: "We Con the World"

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On the other hand, I'm not surprised that you would feel sympathy for an
organization created by the Muslim Brotherhood, whom you may recall from my
earlier notes, utilized the philosophy of Sayyid Qutb.  Indeed Sayyid Qutb
was the chief philosopher of the Muslim Brothers and all the spinoffs such
as Hamas.  It is indeed ironic that you would accuse Israel of being "Third
Reichian" as it contests the aims of Hamas -- all Islamist organization
derive, philosophically, from the Fascistic ideas of Qutb.
Israel has been attacked a number of times by Qutb-inspired Arabs who sought
to complete the work of the German holocaust, that is, to obliterate the
Jews.  But Israel was more resilient than the Arabs expected.  One mustn't
forget that Arab sympathy, during World War II was largely for the Germans.
Not all "Third Reichians" who escaped Nuremberg fled to South America.  Some
fled to congenial Arab nations like Egypt.  
But if you share the views of those like Noam Chomsky who believes that the
"enemy of my nation is my friend," then you're going to sympathize with the
poor Qutb-inspired Islamists who have been thwarted in their desire to
destroy Israel in the past -- and dearly hope that the next time they band
together to try it, they'll succeed.
But getting Israel to return all the land they conquered from previous
attempts by banded-together-Arab nations is something the Arab nations have
been successful at.  They need that land so they can creep as close as
possible to Israel the next time they attack.  Of course those of us who
don't have their heads stuck up Chomsky's ass might not blame Israel if they
don't wait until they are attacked before taking action of their own.  At
present the Arab world may be holding its collective breath hoping that Iran
will drop one of the bombs (that they have developed for peaceful use) on
Israel, and then hope that the wind will carry the radioactive debris out to
sea.  They also hope that Israel won't have the guts to do anything about
Iran before then.  
Has someone been "conned" who willfully supports the ideals of an Islamist
organization like Hamas?  Maybe not.
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I'm surprised, Lawrence, that you find this piece of sledgehammer propaganda
"funny."  Satire should be made of subtler stuff - much subtler.  But then,
so should Israel's policies with its Arab neighbors.  However, since the
assassination of Rabin by a right-wing religious fanatic, Israeli policy
makers have become Third Reichian in their approach to the world.  Just goes
to show you: "Those to whom evil is done, do evil in return."  Most American
Jews are apparently as distressed as I am by Israel's militaristic, racist,
"fuck you, world" turn.  Hopefully they can convince the U.S. government to
withdraw all aid to Israel until they stop their occupation, their
labensraum land grabs and recognize that God did not give them any right to
anything but their own life.

Mike Geary

On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 11:48 AM, Lawrence Helm <lawrencehelm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
". . . it is [from] the Israeli TV Show Known as Latma TV, it's kind of like
Saturday Night Live, only funnier."
A blog reader sent me the Youtube production.  It is pretty funny.

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