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Calling all scientists who speak plain English....
Reading Ursula's post, I was curious to know what -39 C was in  Fahrenheit.  
I went to my standard little conversion page and it told  me that -39 C is -38 
F.  Knowing that couldn't possibly be correct, I used  another converter, and 
then looked at a few different temperature scales.   All of them indicated 
that below 0 C, the temp designations for  C & F are nearly identical.  So, I 
thought to meself, I thought, I  will go learn about this odd phenomenon.  
Googled.  Wikid (is that a  verb yet?  it surely will be).  Read pages about 
history  of and the math of C & F.  Nowhere was I able to discern why the  two 
temps are different above zero Centigrade but not below.   Anyone?!
Julie Krueger
at -8 F here.  I still don't know what that means,  though.... 

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This whole hate crime business leaves a bad taste  in the mouth though.  
Why should it be a crime to say that the  holocaust did not happen?
Why not just ignore it?   Why not just  ridicule it?  
How is a law against holocaust denial any different than  a law against 
denying Mohammed?
What would we say if Muslim countries had  laws against crusade denial?

Unless someone is also inciting to crime,  which I don't think was proved 
in Zuendel's Canadian case (but going by  memory here), I don't see that 
the denial itself should be a criminal matter  at all.   
basking in the sun
(through double-glazed  windows -- baby it's cold outside --39 C w/wind 

Chris Bruce  wrote:
> Members of this list will be undoubtedly  interested (I deliberately 
> use a rather 'neutral' term here - the  reader may substitute others as 
> s/he wishes) to learn that Ernst  Zuendel has just been sentenced by a 
> German court to a 5-year prison  term (the stiifest possible sentence 
> under current German law) for  Holocaust denial.
> For several years Zuendel spread the poison of  his anti-Semitism and 
> Holocaust denial in my native Canada and in the  U.S.  He was finally 
> extradited from Canada to Germany in the  Spring of 2005.
> (Zuendel also co-authored a book which put forth  the theory that 
> supposed UFO's which people reported sighting were in  fact secret nazi 
> weapons emerging from a hollow earth through a hole  somewhere in the 
> Antarctic - perhaps the best illustration of the  seriousness with 
> which material put forth by supporters of Holocaust  denial and 
> revisionism should be taken.  It is comforting to note  that the 
> ridiculous of the claims is in no way seen as mitigating the  
> seriousness of the crime.)
> Chris Bruce
> Kiel,  Germany

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