[lit-ideas] Re: Could the Sunday Poem Be in a Country and WesternKey?

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  • Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 10:54:17 -0700

I dropped Emily at her dance lesson yesterday and went to get gas.  At the
Shell Station I found men standing around the forecourt, looking poker-faced
but somehow also hugely entertained.  Some GUY with a big, brand new, shiny,
red truuuuuuuuuck, pulling a big brand new shiny houseboat on a trailer, had
forgotten to check the height restriction on the gas station canopy.  The
empirical evidence revealed that his house boat was in fact a coupla inches
too tall or, to be even handed about the event, that the canopy was a coupla
inches too low.

There was much scratching of bellies and talk of how to solve the problem.
Some other guy pulled his own truuuuuuck in behind the houseboat and was
offering to use his mighty powerful engine to pull the whole shebang right
outta there.

For once, I knew the solution.  I write, "for once," because I'm not good on
the semiotics of hemis and other manly truckling subjects, but this
particular issue was covered in an early edition of a comic, the "Beano" or
the "Victor" or maybe something more dull, "Look and Learn" perhaps?  I
remember it being presented as a riddle, "A truck gets stuck under a bridge
and all the men are stumped until a little boy proposes a simple solution."

What has been interesting since the event is discovering who knows the
solution and who doesn't.

The parties seem divided by gender.  Or maybe "Beano" reading.

What do you do if you find that your truuuuck and brand new boathouse are
wedged 'neath a leafless canopy?

a) Call your in-surance agent?
b) Un-hitch the trailer, ditch the boat and roar off?
C) Let air out of the tires.

Answers on the back of Sunday's poem, please to:

David Ritchie
Department of Manly and Gas Studies
University of Life Arts and Sciences
Portland, Oregon

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