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>   Bush's alcoholism gives him away as an angry person
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> I can't figure Bush at all. He dissolves into Karl Rove and his 
> other handlers. His policy decisions and his policy emphasis 
> (education reform, for example) seem to have been vetted and decided 
> by committee. His elusive personality seems to have attached itself 
> to the response to 9/11, but the choices (force structure in Iraq 
> for example) seem to be those of others.
> Bush is GOP consensus politics and GOP consensus policies. If we 
> were to learn in twenty years that Bush was a heroin addict who had 
> carried out a long love affair with Michael Jackson, it would be 
> surprising but not inconsistent with the little we truly know about him.

Except that we do know Bush.  We know he's religious.  We know he's a
recovering alcoholic.   We know he brought in his daddy's people (Cheney,
Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz) to run his show.  We know that he has a thing for SS
going back to the mid 80's.  We know that he emptied the treasury to give
tax breaks to the ultra wealthy.  We know he doesn't like the middle class
(getting rid of SS, letting pharma loot Medicare, giving tax breaks to the
ultra wealthy, supporting private education).  He either doesn't know (a
problem in itself) or doesn't care that the middle class is the economic
engine of the country.   Not only does he do nothing to help make the
country more competitive, he out and out makes it less competitive in the
above mentioned ways, while giving speeches to groups he calls the haves
and have mores.  We know he's a good politician, a street fighter who runs
effective campaigns, and we know he caters to his religious base.  It's
interesting that his supporters see none of this.  They see him against
abortion and leading them into the rapture and that's good enough for them.
It's no coincidence that Bush is the president to preside over the country
becoming a Russia-style superpower; lots of firepower but an empty wallet. 
Even Bush's "ownership society" was disparaged by Warren Buffet as soon to
be the sharecropper society while all eyes except Bush's are on China. 
Since Cheney and Rumsfeld were from Bush Senior's administration, and Bush
Senior was a pretty decent president, I think it's safe to say that either
W is Karl Rove's hand puppet, or he is an angry person implementing an
angry agenda, all the while oblivious and/or ineffective in dealing with
the world.  It's interesting that you say we don't know Bush, when to me
he's transparent.


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