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[From the Sheepskin Nebraska Daily Weaver]

An interview with Hugo Blowback

by Myra Lammfell

Chairman Blowback, rumors have been circulating about your college. Could you tell our readers what sort of rumors they are?

Hugo Blowback: Unfounded.

And you have denied those rumors, correct?

Blowback: Correct.

Do you have any ideas about who might have started them?

Blowback: Agitators.

Where do believe these agitators come from?

Blowback: Outside. They are outside agitators.

And their aim is...?

Blowback: Socialized medicine.

Anything else...?

Blowback: The overthrow of the Nebraskan way of life.

Whic means?

Blowback: Turning our children into gay and lesbian Socialists who
believe that men are descended from godless apes.

There has been some mention of a piano...

Blowback: Nonsense.

What sort of nonsense?

Blowback: Utter.

So you...

Blowback: Let me shoot that one down once and for all. In our classrooms as in our boardrooms there are no pianos. There are only Yamaha keyboards.

There has been some talk of the Board's taking money from various countries and...

Blowback: We have exchange programs with all of them. That is all I can say at the present time.

Thank you, Chairman Blowback,

Blowback: Always a pleasure


Roberto Ovini
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