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I hadn't heard or read this spin on the 'bullet-proof glass' issue before>
While the thread turns in more serious directions, I should perhaps make clear
that the original post was adapted from a joke made by a comedian, Frankie
Boyle, on BBC television many years ago - turning the idea of the bullet-proof
glass on its head (as if we needed it to be protected from the President, and
because he is black). I thought it obvious it was a joke and didn't flag this
up in the original post, which was posted before the recent murders in an
American tv studio. I understand the joke to be satire on racial stereotyping
of black Americans as being dangerously prone to violence and taken as such by
the British audience when made by Boyle.

On Wednesday, 2 September 2015, 21:11, Eric <mr.eric.yost@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Chris writes of the "spin on the 'bullet-proof glass' issue"

I have not heard of this "issue," probably because I do not have TV and
refuse to check on the latest partisan half-truths. And race is mostly a
non-issue kept alive by partisan interests.

I do know that spin (from barrel rifling) keeps a bullet on a better
trajectory. I also know that Mr. Obama has more potent means than
bullets at his disposal to hurt Americans.

Instead of going into a time-wasting list of bad decisions, I'll discuss
the spin put on one of his good decisions, the killing of Bin Laden.

Using the super-enhanced CIA he inherited from Mr. Bush, with
information first gathered through enhanced interrogation at Bush-DOJ
approved black sites* (see the book _Hard Measures_
6348X), and employing the ramped-up special forces inherited from Mr.
Bush (see the book _The Art of Intelligence_
3378), Obama made a decision to act upon strong intelligence and put
bullets through Bin Laden.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama has, year after year, has hampered the CIA and
military. While doing this, he has chosen to rely too much on drone
strikes, which not only kill more noncombatants but also deprive US
intelligence services of intelligence sources. (One cannot gather clues
to a possible new attack from the vaporized remains of a terrorist.)

Throughout this period, Mr. Obama's PR team has put spin on his forceful
but ethical leadership. Yet this is built upon spin. Lies really, just
lies. To call it spin would be lying.

September, so Nietzschean thoughts out of season
  Did you know that the "enhanced interrogation techniques" which were
used only on a handful of senior al-Qaeda leaders were/are routinely
used in SEAL training and Air Force training as part of their SEAR
programs? Tens of thousands of US soldiers are exposed to SEAR training
to help prepare for capture and interrogation by the far more brutal
methods employed by their potential captors.

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