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a joke made by a comedian, Frankie Boyle, on BBC television

This reminds me of Locke and Democritus (and Leucippus)

As Uzgalis, William, Uzgalis writes in his entry for "John Locke" in The
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

"It is from Boyle that Locke learned about atomism** (or the corpuscular
hypothesis) and it is from Boyle's book The Origin of Forms and Qualities
that Locke took the language of primary and secondary qualities."

Uzgalis does not, of course, means Frankie Boyle although both are related
(Boyle and Boyle, I mean; not Uzgalis and Boyle*).

Incidentally, since Locke's theory about primary and secondary qualities
is metaphysical it couldn't be, alla Popper, disproved (or proved for that



* According to Geary, Uzgalis and Boyle are ALSO related ("If fact,
everything is related," he expressed tersely).

** Atomism is used in a different 'sense' (but "do not multiply senses
beyond necessity" so I'm not sure this is a sense) by Witters; but Popper had
some interesting things to say about atoms, since if the _matter_ of W1 is
matter, modern quantum theory shows that more than atoms we need

**** 'wavicle' was an expression ('for lack of a better one') coined by
Eddington, to blend a wave and a particle.

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