[lit-ideas] August Thoughts on First Black President

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Obama's final term is coming to an end. Already the assessments are appearing -
how after all the hope he has not showed much audacity. Recent police shootings
of unarmed black Americans have sharpened the feeling that Obama changed
little. But it was doomed from the start. When he first addressed the nation he
was the first US President to do so behind a thick wall of bullet-proof glass.
Like many others, I remember thinking 'How sad' - just because he's black and
the President of the United States doesn't mean he's going to pull a gun and
shoot anyone.

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I was using 'divide', and perhaps having in mind that line in Woody Allen's
latest "Irrational man", where Joaquin Phonex plays a 'continental'
philosopher  ("Of course, we won't have a word about analytic philosophy:
a divide  there: while analytic philosophers care about what x means, a
continental  philosopher cares about what x means TO ME"), and applied it
loosely to  'continental':

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"Unlike the  movie:
--David Ritchie, still inhaling
smoke in Portland, Oregon"

Touché. Assuming England (where Grice was born) is part of Europe (and that
Grice is European, as Popper was), the 'continental divide' in Europe
refers  strictly to the European Watershed with the triple divide of North Sea
(Rhine),  Black Sea (Danube) and Mediterranean Adriatic Sea (Po) at Lunghin
Pass in the  Central Eastern Alps.

"If you've been there," as Geary adds.



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