[LandXML] Re: LandXML SDK documentation and tutorials

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        At this stage, I have put together a set of routines based on the ExPat 
XML libraries to read LandXML into my own application.  If it would be 
beneficial, I could put together a short documented Visual C++ example of how 
to read a given LandXML collection, say all CGPoints, into an Access table, 
using MFC DAO classes, the ExPat SDK, and C++.  If this was a workable approach 
for you, it would provide a reasonable template for you to build on.

If there is anyone else out there that could provide this example in terms of 
the LandXML SDK, I also believe that it would be a simple and valuable resource 
to the group.

For those interested, I selected ExPat over Xerces as I wanted a simple 
efficient streaming parser that did not read the entire XML data set into a 
document using a document object model.  The reason for this is that I 
regularly work with very large data sets, such as LIDAR, scanned data etc... 
and DOM would necessitate a copy of the data in memory to work.  Using ExPat, I 
can stream LandXML data into my own compact database without the memory and 
performance overhead, albeit with PntRef resolution happening after input.  The 
code is currently tightly coupled into my own application, but again, if it is 
of interest to any other members, I could provide illustrative examples of the 
techniques used.



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I tried to use the SDK, but was lost, without a clue where to begin.
I wanted to use Access, and have already dveloped a module that reads
XML and builds linked tables.  Access is supposed to be able to then
save an XML file, but I've had problems making it work. 
If you have some luck with the SDK, I would like to know more about how to make 
it work.
Harrell Geron

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        I'm in the process of adding LandXML support to our land survey 
package, see
        http://www.atlascomputers.ie/index.php?page=SCC-Overview, and plan to 
        the current SDK (LandXMLSDK1.1-04062007.zip) to do this.
        Is there any documentation or tutorial information associated with this 
        or is the intended usage  to learn the SDK through investigating the 
        samples?  Alternatively, can anyone recommend an approach to 
        LandXML?  We are currently working in Visual C++ 7.1, so the SDK seems 
        a good approach.
        Thanks and best regards,
        Shane MacLaughlin

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