[LandXML] Re: LandXML SDK documentation and tutorials

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The LandXML SDK was put together and maintained by C++ programmers, obviously 
better at writing code than documentation. The SDK is built on the Xerces XML 
parser and the C++ standard template library. The 1.0 and 1.1 versions are both 
used in commercial software, so they are fairly well tested. 
The lxbrowser project is a simple example of how the load and use the 
element/attribute collections and how to produce a LandXML document. Between 
this and intellisense, the sdk should be very easy to use for seasoned C++ 
programmers - the intended audience.
Any other code examples or document contributions are always welcome.
Nathan Crews
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                Reading the code to the LXBrowser program suggests the 
implementation is relatively straightforward.  I'm already in a C++ 
document/view architecture, so I guess I'm at an advantage here.  I have been 
using the Stingray XML serialization tools here, but being based on the MS XML 
DOM, the performance on large complex datasets is unusable, so this is not a 
solution.  The underlying XERCES XML SDK used in the LandXML SDK appears to 
offer good performance and is well documented.  That said, I'm very surprised 
that a project the size of the LandXML SDK doesn't have any of its own 
developer friendly documentation.  It makes you wonder who the indented 
audience for this SDK is.  I've spoken to two other developers at land survey 
conferences who have implemented LandXML, and neither have used this SDK.
        To get the SDK to work with Access, I'd probably build a project based 
on the LXBrowser example, get rid of the view class, and use a CDAORecordSet 
derived class to copy to an from Access.  A total hack, but pretty easy to 
implement.  If I get my head around the SDK, I'll try to put an example 
together.  What language and dev environment are you using?
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        I tried to use the SDK, but was lost, without a clue where to begin.
        I wanted to use Access, and have already dveloped a module that reads
        XML and builds linked tables.  Access is supposed to be able to then
        save an XML file, but I've had problems making it work.
        If you have some luck with the SDK, I would like to know more about how 
to make it work.
        Harrell Geron
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                I'm in the process of adding LandXML support to our land survey 
package, see
                http://www.atlascomputers.ie/index.php?page=SCC-Overview, and 
plan to use
                the current SDK (LandXMLSDK1.1-04062007.zip) to do this.
                Is there any documentation or tutorial information associated 
with this SDK,
                or is the intended usage  to learn the SDK through 
investigating the browser
                samples?  Alternatively, can anyone recommend an approach to 
                LandXML?  We are currently working in Visual C++ 7.1, so the 
SDK seems like
                a good approach.
                Thanks and best regards,
                Shane MacLaughlin

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