[klaatumail] Terry Draper's "Highway of Heroes" on YouTube

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Klaatu's Terry Draper returns after a 6-year absence with a tribute to Canada's 
war heroes:


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> I agree re OUTSIDE. It's a really nice piece of work. 
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> > I know people like Mitch live for this time period, but I don't.  
> > And that's the best part about music. Take what you want, and leave 
> > the rest on the dinner table for someone else to have.
> >
> I sure do, in part because I have a 1970s - 80s independent record- 
> store-owning older brother. I wasn't born until 1969... but he had  
> already busily collected the WEIRDEST assortment of psychedelia,  
> rock, pop, etc... (he says his favorite band back when I was born was  
> Van Der Graaf Generator. Does it get much weirder?) Jaimie is  
> absolutely right about the 1960s -- a complete shoreline wreck of  
> styles and ideas all colliding against one another. Wasn't the most  
> wacked out year ever on the Billboard hot 100 in 1968? Richard  
> Harris?!? what ARE the kids LISTENING to? My brother's store also  
> sold hi-fi stereo equipment back in the early days (remember when?),  
> so I got spoiled by Ohm speakers at a young, young age (ask Dave  
> Bradley what effect that might have). Listening to that stuff on that  
> equipment surely has warped me for life...
> <plug> On that note, I've been listening to Dee Long's "Outside of  
> Time and Space" a lot recently on my Ohm speakers and am just floored  
> at what a truly awesome follow up it is to his work I loved in  
> Klaatu. Any fan who doesn't have it is rilly missin' out. Just  
> sayin'. </plug>
> -Mitch

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