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  • Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 12:18:32 -0400

At Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 12:55:45 Jens wrote:
> Looking at it objectively, or at least trying to; the term "dated", is used
> like a curse word, along with Prog, Rush etc. in your examples. 

You are correct. Because the people making the statements used 'dated' as a 
derogatory term. 

>There is really no objective validity or argument in the statements.

*I* was making an argument for objectivity, but the people putting the
music down were NOT. This thread began when someone here said that
McManus had a 'dated' sound. I took that as a negative attitude....and
made mention that if THAT was the case, they wouldn't like Dee's demos
for the same reason.
> I might counter by calling everything released within the last year
> "contemporary" - and add a sneer to my voice :-)

Yes. As would a lot of people.

> Or anything released in the last decade soooooo early 21st century.


> These statements aren't objective or valid either.
> Newest isn't always best, although Hollywood tends to think so as they're
> remaking old films galore instead of coming up with original ideas, and of
> course any piece of creative work will in some way or other contain some
> references to the time period in which it was created.
> Would these persons you're referring to, diss a painting merely on the
> grounds that is dated and so either impressionism, cubism, or Dadaism?

Yes. People do this all the time. And just because someone isn't being 
objective, doesn't make their taste any less valid. HOW you like music is as 
unique as music itself.

And this is MY point in all these posts. You'd be surprised at how many people 
do not judge music as art....only by the SOUND it makes. If it is not cutting 
edge and made in the last year, it is of no interest to some people. You'd be 
surprised to find out that singer-songwriter Neil Young is one of them. Until 
he assembled his recent boxed set full of rarities, outtakes, etc., at the 
request of his fans, he'd NEVER gone back to listen to any of it because his 
policy is: record it, release it, move on....

Klaatu fans come in two camps....those who wish EVERYTHING sounded like the 
past (Beatles, ELO, Klaatu, et al)....and those who have a wider palette and 
believe that music of all types -- new or old -- has a place in the world.

And, unfortunately, you're never going to change that.



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