[kismac] Re: Airport Extreme Driver Not Found

  • From: "E. Gad" <p1agu313@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 08:34:43 -0800 (PST)

Hi Kevin
Let this be a lesson for me, for not double checking
my hairbrained posts. 
Anyrate, to clarify, I think I was attempting to ask
Nick, but somehow failed in that. 

You may have answered my question anyway- I first
tried a prebuilt r75 that I found somewhere in the
archives. For some reason though it doesnt work:It
seems to only beable to ask for a admins password and
then fails to do something it needs to do.

I'm begining to think it's something wrong on my end,
because  I have the latest version of OSX and basicly
all KisMac does for passive mode is ask for a admins
password-then nothing more. It does this even when I
reboot, turn off Airport and launch kismac with
nothing else running.

Does someone know what the could possible be going on?

--- super kev <blaster42@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Edward,
> Are you referring to me or Nick?  I was trying to
> get Kismac to run on 10.4, 
> and then I jumped up to 10.4.3.  Nick was the one
> running 10.4.2.  I grabbed 
> the r75 version from the kismac site through a link
> from a post on the 
> internet somewhere.  The poster mentioned that they
> got it from the mailing 
> list, so you should be able to find it looking back
> through the archives.
> I don't know what went on when I updated the system,
> since the 10.4 HD was 
> the way it came from Apple (no apps installed except
> kismac when I initially 
> tried).
> -Kevin
> >Interesting. I seem to have a similler problem that
> >you had 10.4.2, however for some reason even when
> >I updated to 10.4.3 kismac still tries to load a
> >driver
> >takes me to a admin something password wanting
> window
> >and then tells me airportdrivers not found.
> >I had this in both r75  and r76 both built from
> >source. I am cerious what your (or I suppose
> >anyone-elses opnion is) if it's something whacked
> >in kismac, or osx. Did you build it from source? Or
> >use something premade someplace? I ask because I'm
> >realy cerious.
> >
> >-Edward

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