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  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 09:41:00 -0400

Hello there;


If your using vista,

The vista operating system come with a built in email client.

It's call, windows mail.


You should find this in start menu programs,

Just setup the email account, your good to go.

Windows mail is very similar to Outlook express.




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Hi all.  I have a hotmail account on my home PC.  If I use Windows Live Mail
with it, Internet Explorer comes up and the messages look like actual links
on a web page.  I have to arrow down to the inbox, find the message, and
actually select each one with a select button to read it.  If I want to
delete, I have to select a delete button then click it.  Are there any email
clients which behave like Outlook does with JAWS, which put me right into
the inbox instead of arrowing down through a bunch of other links.  I am
running Vista on my home PC.  I found Outlook 2010 on a google search.  If I
used that instead of Windows Live Mail, does anybody know if that would work
better with JAWS? 

Tnx in advance, 

Bob Smith

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