RE: which email client

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 13:24:13 -0400

With gmail you have to switch from the standard view to the html view. If
you do that it is very accessible.

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Subject: RE: which email client

I know gmail is free client, but is it accessible? To me it only let me log
in and then it was not accessible with jaws at all.




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Subject: Re: which email client


G mail is another free email client that will work with JAWS  

Also perhaps Eudora could work as well. I have not used Eudora in quite a
while, but remember eudora being recently discussed on this list.




From: Yadiel  <mailto:yadosotomayor@xxxxxxxxxxx> Sotomayor 

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Subject: Re: which email client


Now that is weird. I have windows live mail 2009 and I do not encounter what
are you describing. However, you can try thunderbird. I hear it is
accessible but the down side is that it has a learning curve. Another option
could be outlook 2007/2010.






From: Robert J Smith <mailto:rsmith247@xxxxxxx>  

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Subject: which email client


Hi all.  I have a hotmail account on my home PC.  If I use Windows Live Mail
with it, Internet Explorer comes up and the messages look like actual links
on a web page.  I have to arrow down to the inbox, find the message, and
actually select each one with a select button to read it.  If I want to
delete, I have to select a delete button then click it.  Are there any email
clients which behave like Outlook does with JAWS, which put me right into
the inbox instead of arrowing down through a bunch of other links.  I am
running Vista on my home PC.  I found Outlook 2010 on a google search.  If I
used that instead of Windows Live Mail, does anybody know if that would work
better with JAWS? 

Tnx in advance, 

Bob Smith 

Yadiel J. Sotomayor


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