Re: question on recording audio with Total Recorder

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You'd have to have a separate mixer and run your Mick in one channel and the
output of your soundcard (to capture Jaws, assuming you're using eloquence),
into another.  If you are using something like triple-talk run the line from
the output of your triple-talk card or usb into the mixer.  Any questions,
let me know.  John Fioravanti
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Subject: question on recording audio with Total Recorder

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to record an audiomix of JAWS speech and microphone
input simultaneously?  I'm trying to do this using Total Recorder 5.3.  I
was trying to create an audio tutorial to submit to the Main Menu web site
but so far I can only record either the Jaws speech or the microphone audio
but not both at the same time.  I want to do this through the software or
the sound card settings.  I'd rather not have to record the Jaws speech
using the microphone.  It doesn't sound as clear when you do it that way.
Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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