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There's a temporary (for that session only) fix and a permanent way.  Below are 
two messages I copied from the list some time ago.  The question tells you how 
to switch off flash temporarily.  Bruce's answer suggests how to do it 
For Bruce's fix, you'll need to:
1.  Go into configuration manager with insert-F2. 
2.  Arrow down till you hear "configuration."  
3.  Press enter .
4.  Press alt-s to bring up a long menu. 
5.  Arrow up until you hear "HTML."
6.  Press enter.  After that, follow Bruce's instructions.

Question. Where do I permanently turn off flash in jaws? When I'm in internet 
explorer, I do an insert v and arrow down to flash movies and change it to 
"no", then close it. This is only a fix for that session of ie, however. 

Answer from Bruce Toewz. It's under the misc tab in HTML options. "Ignore 
flash" is the option you're looking for.

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  From: Alicia 

  A friend of mine who is a Windows Eyes user told me about the flash but I 
could not figure out how to disable it. If someone can give me some step by 
step instructions on disabling the flash I would be greatly appreciated.
  Alicia and LD Vera

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    I've just looked at this paper's website:

    It's not the most accessible website, but you will be able to figure it 
out.  Usually, as Dan suggested moments ago, you find a paper's "printer 
friendly" link to simplify navigation, but this paper doesn't have that 
feature.  Also, some trial and error will be involved at the outset in figuring 
out which links take you to the desired article.  I just clicked on a link that 
I thought would take me to today's lead item, but it took me, instead, to the 
second.  By chance, it's a misleading and inaccurate article on braille.

    I get the sense the website also uses a lot of flash that might interfere 
with JAWS.  You'll need to turn off that feature, which I believe is one of the 
HTML options in the configuration menu.  If you're not familiar with it, I 
suggest you write back to the list.

    In any event, with some practice, you will be able to read this paper 

    All the best.
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      From: Alicia 

      I am glad that JAWS does not have to be configured in any special way. I 
will check out the home page of my local newspaper very carefully and perhaps 
place some place markers in certain areas on the page for easier navigation. I 
live in a small town in Sedalia Missouri. The name of the local newspaper here 
is The Sedalia Democrat.

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