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  • Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 14:35:22 -0500

chip this info from f s supports my original stance and it came from their 
tech bulletin.
while it probably no longer applies because its the nature of the game to 
fix bugs when they become known and this is not a recent post so suspect 
its fixed now.
still h p is not a unknown small player in the market and one must assume 
they did something differant for it to occur on their system and not others.

in fact the post states that A T I does not create drivers for hp notebooks.


While all ATI Radeon cards tested at Freedom Scientific have passed on JAWS 
versions 4.x, some individuals report video card incompatibilty with these ATI
Radeon cards, most commonly on mobile computing systems. The following 
information has not been verified in-house, but may prove useful, 
particularly if
you are using JAWs with HP (Hewlett-Packard) laptops (and in some other 
cases, desktops) with ATI video cards.

The latest JRE (Java Runtime Environment) may cause problems on HP laptops 
(and some desktops) with ATI video cards.

1. When applications that use the JRE are started, crashes occur, and 
systems fail.

2. JAWS support for Java and the JRE may conflict with the video card 
drivers. This can result in system halts and rebooting to safe mode is the 
only resolution.

3. ATI has posted on their website that ATI video card owners should visit 
their machine-specific websites for a remedy. ATI does not create drivers for
HP laptops.


Please use this information at your own discretion; the contents are 
neither verified nor endorsed by Freedom Scientific but provided to you 
solely on an
informational basis.

Reports indicate that the last time the driver worked correctly was JRE 
release 1.4.0_03. If you are experiencing system halts, instability, and 
performance and have an ATI video card, check your installed version of the 
Java JRE. If your version is newer than 1.4.0_03, then remove it and install
the older version.

Contact with Sun Microsystems reveals that when the new 1.4.1_04 release 
comes out, it should include a fix for the ATI problem.



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