Re: getting used to the new version of JAWS

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 18:27:46 -0700

I concur with your statements about the keyboard.  In fact FS suggested using 
the  laptop layout with a desktop keyboard several versions ago.  I personally 
use a USD desktop keyboard with a laptop set to laptop layout. I am running 
Jaws 9 with XP pro and find the keyboard layout very convenient. 
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  Well, the main reason they got rid of the classic layout is because of key 
combinations such as alt i and alt o if you came across buttons or menu items 
that had those shortcuts.  When in classica layout, you were forced to pass 
keys through, which actually takes longer to do, actually, because by the time 
you have four or five keystrokes, you could have had only one or two done.  
Actually, I think you shouldn't have too much trouble switching, actually.  and 
pressing the capslock key twice to activate it is actually more of an advantage 
than it is a disadvantage--think of all the problems you would have if you 
accidentally hit the capslock key and didn't know it.  And besides, it's 
actually becoming more and more of a better option even on regular desktop 
keyboards simply because when typing, it's far easier to reach for the capslock 
key than it is to fumble around for the keypad.  and making the switch, as I 
do, between two different machines--one a desktop and the other a laptop--makes 
it much easier if you just use the laptop layout anyway.  And besides, you 
don't lose the numpad functionality even with the laptop layout, so actually, 
I'd say just go ahead and make the switch.  It probably won't take you only an 
hour, if that, to get used to having to tap the capslock key twice to activate 
and deactivate it anyway.  really isn't that difficult, since that's really the 
only change you have to deal with.  It could be much, much worse!  Mark
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    just thought I would put in my two cents here as well. 

    I've had JAWS 9 installed on my computer since before Christmas, and admit 
i have only used it once or twice. I, too have to get used to it, and the thing 
that is turning me off is not the fact that I have to get used to a new 
configuration as in the way a dialogue such as the verbosity dialogue is set 
up, for me it's the fact thatFS got rid of the classic laptop layout. For me it 
just isn't practical to switch to JAWS 9 when I'm wanting speed and accuracy. 
Does anyone know why the change? there was no explanation. I know that they've 
had the regular laptop setting for some time now, but I just never swithed 
because classic was what I had become accustomed to. I've heard from others 
that the regular layout is better and that I will get used to it quickly but 
when you are a student and you're looking for speed it isn't always appropriate 
to start learning a whole new layout when you're trying to do your schoolwork 
as well. 

    I don't know, just my thoughts. I would have loved to have a little more 
explanation as to why FS got rid of the classic laptop layout. If it were kept 
I know I would have been switched to JAWS 9 a long time ago. but that will be a 
summer project, I think. and the other thing  Ihate about the regular laptop 
layout is that when you press the capslock key, because that is now your JAWS 
key you have to press it twice to activate writing in upper case letters, which 
doesn't make for a fluid transition for me personally. how I wish  Ihad my 
desktop in these circumstances!   


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